Which versions of iOS and Android are supported by your library?
RunACRSDK is compatible with iOS 8 and above and Android 4.0.3 (API Level 15) and above.

How do I start using your service?
You need to sign up on our website. Once registered, you can start uploading MP3 files to generate your audio fingerprint database. Then you will need to integrate our SDK with your app, specifying the fingerprint database you want to use. Now your app can recognize audio.

Do you only support MP3 files? Can your service recognize audio from a video file, for example, an MP4 file?
Our service can recognize audio originating from any sources, including television, radio, cinema, and so on, irrespective of the audio format. However, when it comes to creating an audio fingerprint database, our service accepts MP3 files only. If your audio file is in a different format (such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc.), you need to convert it into MP3 first. If you don't know how to do it, please contact us at support@runacr.com.

What is an audio fingerprint database?
A fingerprint database is an anonymized digital representation of sound. To recognize audio, our SDK reads it from a device microphone, digitizes it, and runs a search through a fingerprint database. If the search was successful, our SDK will return the audio ID and the currently played second. A fingerprint database can be created from MP3 files in your dashboard. A single database can contain one or several MP3 files.

Can I consolidate several audio clips into a single fingerprint database?
Yes, you can do it in your dashboard.

What is the size of a fingerprint database containing one minute of audio?
The size of a database depends on the characteristics of your audio and is about 30 KB per minute on average.

What is the maximum fingerprint database size supported by your SDK?
The bigger the database, the longer it takes to recognize audio. You can easily use a fingerprint database containing up to 7 hours of audio. But if your database is longer than 7 hours and you noticed a slowdown in performance, we recommend splitting your single big database into multiple smaller ones or using server-based audio recognition. Feel free to contact us for more details.

We would like to integrate your service with our system. Do you have API? What are the terms and conditions of integration?
Please get in touch to discuss our T&Cs.

Do I need Internet connection?
No. Because fingerprint databases are stored on user devices, audio recognition does not require Internet connection.

What is the maximum load and how does your price change as the number of my users grows?
Because audio recognition occurs on user devices, there are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous recognitions. Likewise, our price does not depend on how many people use your app.

Can I use one account for multiple apps?
You can use one account for up to 10 apps. If you have more apps, please get in touch to discuss our collaboration terms.

How long does it take to recognize audio?
Recognition happens in two stages: recording 5 seconds of audio and processing it. The processing time depends on smartphone performance and the size of your database. The average processing time for modern smartphones is 0.2 seconds. This means that recognition takes no more than 6 seconds in total.

Your payment method doesn't work for my service. Are there any other options?
Other options are possible. Please contact us at support@runacr.com